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Barbara Zanichelli


Barbara Zanichelli was born in Parma, where she earned diploma at the conservatory in violin, before going on to study voice with the Russian teacher Anatoli Goussev in Milan. She furthered her studies of performance practice in baroque music with Cristina Miatello, Claudine Ansermet and Roberto Gini; in the belcanto repertoire with Luciana Serra and Sergio Bertocchi, Sherman Lowe; and in contemporary vocal techniques with Luisa Castellani, under whose guidance she also earned a Concert Diploma with honors from the Conservatory of Lugano (Switzerland)); in 2009 she earned Singing Pedagogy Diploma, with honors, under the guidance of Marianne Kohler and Luisa Castellani.

As soprano in the vocal quintet "Vox Altera", she was awarded first prize in the "Luca Marenzio International Competition" for madrigal ensembles which took place in Coccaglio in September 1999 (the jury of which was presided over by Claudio Gallico and Anthony Rooley).

She actively concertizes both as a soloist and in ensembles, interpreting primarily early and contemporary music. She has premiered works by composers such as Karlheinz Stockhausen (HIMMELFAHRT-ERSTE STUNDE of KLANG, premiered in Milan in 2005, recorded for STOCKHAUSEN-VERLAG and performed in many concert seasons), Gavin Bryars, Stefano Gervasoni, Francesco Hoch, William Blank, Leo Kupper, Roberto Cacciapaglia, Nicolas Bolens, Mario Pagliarani, Milos Stredron, Fabrizio Rosso e Massimiliano Pascucci, closely collaborating with the authors themselves in the preparation of the performances.

She has sung under the direction of Tierry Fisher (Parigi, Cité de la Musique: Prometeo by L.Nono), M.W.Chung (Roma, Accademia di S.Cecilia: “Tannhauser” by Wagner), Pal Nemeth (Milano, Festival MITO) Robert H.Platz, Vittorio Parisi, Ottavio Dantone, Barthold Kuiken, Pedro Memelsdorff (Mala Punica), Enrico Gatti (Ensemble Aurora), Stefano Bagliano (Collegium Pro Musica), Alessandro De Marchi (Accademia Montis Regalis), Claudio Cavina (La Venexiana), Gianluca Capuano (Il Canto di Orfeo), Paolo da Col (Odhecaton), Filippo Maria Bressan, Massimiliano Pascucci (Vox Àltera), Claudio Chiavazza (Affetti Musicali), Candace Smith (Cappella Artemisia), Marco Mencoboni (Cantar Lontano), Adriano Gaglianello (Collegio Musicale Italiano), Federico Bardazzi (Ensemble San Felice).

She has sung under the direction of other important conductors singing with Athestis Chorus: Jeffry Tate, Eliauh Inbal, Riccardo Muti, Neeme Järvi, Henri Farge, Fabio Biondi, Marco Balderi, Marco Boni, Umberto Benedetto Michelangeli, Martin Haselboeck, Antonio Ballista.
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